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Where abortion medication sought as last of multiple methods

Codes and Frequencies

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ABORLASTMEDLOC reports the place the woman obtained the medication she ultimately used to induce her last abortion, but only if other methods were tried first. These medications could include pills called mifepristone or misoprostol (e.g. Mariprist, Mifepak, Cytotec, Miso-Fem, or Misoclear), pills otherwise taken for a fever (e.g. antibiotics or anti-malarial medicines like quinine), emergency contraception, or any other type of pill.

The question associated with this variable was included in the female questionnaire.


There are differences in response categories across samples. See the Questionnaire text tab for details.


  • Women aged 15-49 who ultimately used a type of pill to abort a pregnancy, but only after other methods were tried.


  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2021
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 2018
  • Niger: 2022
  • Nigeria: 2018