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2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
2022 P3 2021 P2 2020 P1 2018 R6 2017 R5 2016b R4 2015 R2 2014 R1
2016a R3
2021 P3 Kinshasa only 2020 P2 Kinshasa only 2019b P1 Kongo Central region only 2018b R7 Kongo Central region only 2017b R6 Kongo Central region only 2016b R5 Kongo Central region only 2015c R4 Kongo Central region only 2014 R2 Kinshasa only 2013 R1 Kinshasa only
2021 P3 Kongo Central only 2020 P2 Kongo Central only 2019a P1 Kinshasa only 2018a R7 Kinshasa only 2017a R6 Kinshasa only 2016a R5 Kinshasa only 2015b R4 Kinshasa only
2015a R3 Kinshasa only
2022 P3 2021 P2 2020b Abortion Follow-up to Round 2 2018 R2 2017 R1
2020 P1
2021 2020 Round 6 Follow-up 2019 R7 2018 R6 2017 R5 2016 R4 2015 R3 2014b R2
2014a R1
2017 R6 2016 R5 2015 R4 2014b R3 2013 R1
2014a R2
2022 P3 Rajasthan region only 2021 P2 Rajasthan region only 2020 P1 Rajasthan region only 2018 R4 Rajasthan region only 2017b R3 Rajasthan region only 2016 R1 Rajasthan region only
2017a R2 Rajasthan region only
2016 R2 2015 R1
2021 P3 2020 P2 2019 P1 2018 R7 2017 R6 2016 R5 2015b R4 2014b R2
2015a R3 2014a R1
2023 P3 2022 P2 2020 P1 2018 R5 Niamey only 2017 R4 2016b R3 Niamey only 2015 R1 Niamey only
2016a R2
2021b P3 Lagos only 2020b P2 Lagos only 2019c Abortion Follow-up to Round 5 2018 R5 2017b R1 Oyo region only 2016 R3 2015b R2 Lagos only 2014b R1 Lagos only
2021a P3 Kano only 2020a P2 Kano only 2019b P1 Lagos only 2017a R4 2015a R2 Kaduna only 2014a R1 Kaduna only
2019a P1 Kano only
2022 P3 2021 P2 2020 P1 2019 R7 2018 R6 2017 R5 2016 R4 2015b R3 2014 R1
2015a R2

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