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Contraceptive calendar - why stopped using (Burkina Faso)

1 = Infrequent sex / husband away
2 = Became pregnant while using
3 = Wanted to become pregnant
4 = Husband / partner disapproved
5 = Wanted more effective method
6 = Side effects / health concerns
7 = Lack of access / too far
8 = Costs too much
9 = Inconvenient to use
10 = Up to God / fatalistic
11 = Difficult to get pregnant / menopausal
12 = Marital dissolution / separation
96 = Other
99 = NIU (not in universe)


CALENDARBFWHY contains a retrospective calendar data for why the woman stopped using a family planning method for 2 years prior to the female interview for Burkina Faso 2019. These data are in parallel to the data contained in CALENDARBF, and are contained in a comma delimited string starting in January 2018 going to the month of the interview (December 2019, January 2020, or February 2020) reading from right to left.
See the Codes tab for a list of the codes and meanings. Our user note on calendar data contains Stata code to convert this string variable into wide or long form numeric variables.


There are no comparability issues.


  • Women aged 15-49 who are pregnant, or have used family planning, given birth, or had a pregnancy end within the past 3 years, excluding women who started using their current family planning method more than 3 years ago.


  • Burkina Faso: 2020