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Reason seeking care: other specified


This is a 50-character string variable.


If the reason for the woman's most recent visit to a local health facility was something "other" than those listed on the questionnaire (see CAREOTHER), CAREOTHERSP specifies this "other" reason. This variable reports the exact string that was entered by the interviewer to describe these "other" reasons for the most recent visit to a local health facility.

This question is included as part of the Primary Health Care module, which is included in certain female questionnaires. These questions pertain to the woman's attitudes towards and utilization of health care services.


There are no comparability issues.


  • Women aged 15-49 who have visited a health facility for herself or her child in the past 6 months and reported a reason for seeking care other than the reasons listed in the questionnaire.


  • Ghana: 2016