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How many health experiences ever had: list 1, abortion excluded

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CTRL1EV reports the number of health experiences a woman has ever had, up to a maximum of 4, as selected from the following list:

Had your menstrual period
Used contraceptive injections
Visited a health facility or camp
Had a C-section

CTRL1EV duplicates the list of experiences provided in ABOR1EV, but with the notable omission of "had an induced abortion". The data collectors randomly assigned surveyed women aged 15 to 49 into two subgroups. The universe for ABOR1EV is subgroup 1. Subgroup 2 gave responses to CTRL1EV. Hence, a proportion of women who have ever had an induced abortion may be inferred through a comparison of ABOR1EV and CTRL1EV, thereby mitigating some degree of social desirability bias that normally impacts self-reported measures of abortion service utilization.
Further, this proportion may be compared to a proportion similarly derived from ABOR2EV and CTRL2EV, which measure abortion service utilization against a listing of 4 different health experiences.


There are no comparability issues.


  • Women aged 15-49 randomly assigned to the second of two subgroups.


  • India: 2017