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Mother's highest level of school attended


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


EDUCATTMOM reports the highest level of education the child's motherattended. It does not record whether the child's mother completed that level. Note that this variable is on the child record.

Countries differ in their educational systems and levels, but EDUCATTMOM harmonizes codes across samples using composite coding. The first digit organizes education levels into the following broad, comparable categories: Never attended, primary school, post-primary, secondary school, post-secondary, and tertiary completed. The second digit preserves country-specific detail within these broad categories. For more details about the specific wording of education levels in each country's questionnaire, see questionnaire text for details.

The variable EDUCATTGENMOM is a recode of EDUCATTMOM that reduces the coding scheme to four general categories.

Note that this variable is on the child's record. IPUMS-PMA attached this information about the child's mother during the reformatting process.

The question associated with this variable was included in the female nutrition questionnaire.

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There are inherent comparability issues due to difference among countries' distinct educational systems. Categories sharing the same first digit are largely comparable, with second digits retaining country-specific details.


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Not avaliable for PERSON
Please change the unit of analysis to see the availability of this variable.