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Indonesia 2016
Indonesia 2016
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ID_ RPJM_307. In the last few months, have you heard, seen, or read anything about family planning from any of the following sources?
Examples of family planning information:
Family planning methods, family planning service points, slogans "Ayo Ikut KB", KB Andalan advertisement, etc.
Read all options aloud and select all that apply.
Be sure to scroll to bottom to see all choices.
[] Radio
[] Television
[] Newspaper/Tabloid
[] Magazine
[] Pamphlet/leaflet/brochure
[] Flip chart
[] Poster
[] Banner
[] Billboard
[] Exhibition
[] Internet
[] FP information car unit (Mupen KB)
[] Mural
[] Traditional art
[] Puppet show
[] Others
[] None of the above
[] Don't know
[] No response