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Kenya 2016
Kenya 2016
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TCI_303. Why did you choose the facility where you received your most recent/current FP method?
PROBE: Any other reasons?
Do not read options aloud. Select all that apply.
[] Close to your home
[] Convenient to your place of work/school
[] Convenient operating hours
[] You can remain anonymous
[] Good reputation
[] Staff are discreet/maintain confidentiality
[] Services are free
[] It is more affordable
[] Provide good quality services
[] They provide desired services
[] Facility accepts insurance.
[] Providers treat patients well
[] Spoke with youth group
[] Referred by community health worker
[] Referred by another provider
[] Referred by a friend/relative
[] Loudspeaker announcements
[] Dramas / skits
[] Other
[] Do not know -88
[] No Response -99