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Year of child birthday (sixth-youngest child)

Codes and Frequencies

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For women who are primary caregivers for at least six children in the household under age 5, KID6BIRTHYR reports the birth year of their sixth-youngest child.

Enumerators were instructed to enter the date as January 1st, 2020 if the respondent did not give a response to the associated survey question. IPUMS-PMA has recoded these cases to "No response or missing." Additionally, IPUMS-PMA has recoded years that were in the future at the time of the interview as "Logical edit - missing." For example, values of 2018 or later in samples from 2016 have been recoded. For some samples, interviews were conducted across two years, for example, some 2016 samples include interviews from early 2017.

The question associated with this variable was included in the female questionnaire.


There are no comparability issues.


  • Women age 15-49 who are the primary caregivers for at least 6 children under age 5.


  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2015
  • Ghana: 2014
  • Kenya: 2015
  • Nigeria: 2017