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Uganda 2018
Uganda 2018
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GGR_808. Did you discuss your use of ${current_method} with the females you listed in the previous section?
Probe: Modern methods of contraception include female sterilization, male sterilization, implants, IUDs, injectables, the pill, emergency contraception, male condom, and female condom.
Read each name out loud. Select all that apply
[] Friend 1: ${friend1_name}
[] Friend 2: ${friend2_name}
[] Friend 3: ${friend3_name}
[] None
[] Do not know
[] No response

GGR_810. How many of these women who you had contact with in the past 12 months know that you are using an ${current_method}?
Probe: Long acting contraceptive methods includes implants and IUDs.
0 is a possible answer Enter -88 for don't know and -99 for no response