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Nigeria 2018
Nigeria 2018
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706. In the community where you currently live, what are the ways a woman who is pregnant or worried that she is pregnant can remove a pregnancy? Anything else?

Do not read options aloud. Select all that apply.

Cannot select 'no response' or 'do not know' with other options.

[] Surgical procedure
[] Pills called mifepristone or misoprostol, for example Mariprist, Mifepak, Cytotec, Miso-Fem, or Misoclear
[] Pills you take when you have a fever like antibiotics or anti-malarial medicine, for example quinine
[] Emergency contraception pills, for example Postinor
[] Other pills
[] Injection
[] Traditional methods, like herbs
[] Alcohol
[] Salt, potash, maggi, or kanwa
[] Lemon or lime
[] Cough syrup
[] Insert materials into the vagina
[] Other
[] Do not know
[] No response