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Has non-digital camera

Codes and Frequencies

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NONDIGCAM indicates whether the household has a non-digital camera.

Users should be careful to distinguish this variable from DIGCAM, which indicates whether the household has a digital camera. Users may also be interested in VIDEOCAM, which indicates whether the household has video camera.

Respondents were asked to report what assets the household owned in order to calculate a wealth index based on assets. This information can be found in the variables SCORE, WEALTHQ, and WEALTHT.

The question associated with this variable was included in the household questionnaire.


There are no comparability issues.

Comparability with IPUMS-DHS

NONDIGCAM in IPUMS-PMA is similar to the variable NONDIGCAMYN in IPUMS-DHS. There may be differences in questionnaire text or the variable's universe; see the Survey Text and Universe tab of the IPUMS-DHS variable for more information.


  • All persons.


  • Burkina Faso: 2014
  • Congo (Democratic Republic): 2013-2021
  • Ethiopia: 2014
  • Ghana: 2013-2015
  • Kenya: 2014
  • Nigeria: 2014
  • Uganda: 2014-2015