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Year of death for woman's older single-birth child
Group: Fertility

Values for this variable represent a year except for the following codes:
9995 = Not interviewed (female questionnaire)
9996 = Not interviewed (household questionnaire)
9997 = Don't know
9998 = No response or missing
9999 = NIU (not in universe)


For women aged 10-49 who live in a household with an infant under age 2, who have given birth more than once, who have given birth in the last 5 years, and who have had an older child from a single-birth (i.e. non-twin birth) who has died (see OTKSINGALIVE), OTKSINGDIEDYR reports the calendar year in which this child died. If more than one of the woman's older single-birth children has died, this variable reports the month of death for the child who was born most recently. This variable excludes deceased children who were born as part of the woman's most recent single-birth (see LASTBIRTHALIVE) and any children from twin-births (see LASTTW1ALIVE, LASTTW2ALIVE, OTKTW1ALIVE and OTKTW2ALIVE).

Although the universe for this question includes only women who gave birth within 5 years, users should note that this variable may indicate the year of death for any of her older single-birth children (including those born more than 5 years ago). This variable was constructed after the woman provided the birthdate for each of her older children in chronological sequence, beginning with the child born after her most recent birth. For each child, the woman was asked whether the child was born as part of a twin birth (see OTKTWINS), and then whether they were still alive. If the woman indicated that one of her older single-birth children had died, the month and year of the child's death were recorded. Together with OTKSINGDIEDMO, OTKSINGDIEDYR indicates the date of death for first deceased single-birth child reported in this sequence.

Users should note that the variables OTKBIRTHMO and OTKBIRTHYR report the birth date for the woman's deceased child who was born most recently. This birth date may be used to determine the age of death for the child from OTKSINGDIEDYR only if the woman reported no additional deceased children in OTKTW1ALIVE or OTKTW2ALIVE.

The sequence of questions associated with this variable were included in the female nutrition questionnaire.


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Not avaliable for PERSON
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