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Household weight (Hauts Bassins)

This variable is a 17-digit variable with decimal points.  All cases that are missing or NIU (not in universe) are coded as zero.


HQWEIGHT_HAUTSBASSINS is an inverse probability weight that is representative at the region level for households, and should be used in analyses of all household questionnaire variables for estimates of the region of Hauts-Bassins in Burkina Faso. HQWEIGHT_HAUTSBASSINS controls for household and female non-response, but because there are multiple people in one household, analyses should be restricted to one person per household, using LINENO. Most simply, analyses can be restricted to persons with LINENO equal to 1. This restriction yields one result per household and thus appropriately gives equal weight to households with one member and households with many members.

HQWEIGHT_HAUTSBASSINS represents the probability of selecting the household in the sampling area (EAID). This weight variable is specific to households within the region of Hauts-Bassins in Burkina Faso.

For more details on how this variable was calculated, please see the Weighting Memo from the PMA team.

For all persons not living in the region of Hauts-Bassins, the value of this variable is zero. To identify persons and households in Hauts-Bassins, see GEOBF.


There are no comparability issues.


  • Persons in households in Hauts-Bassins Region (Burkina Faso).


  • Burkina Faso: 2020-2022