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India 2017a
India 2017a
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Now I would like to ask you a set of questions that are in a different format. I will read you a list of items and I just want you to tell me how many apply to you, not which ones. Wait until I have read the entire list to you, then tell me how many you have experienced. Your answer might be "none", "one", "two", "three", and so on, not telling me specifically which ones you have experienced. It may help to count the number of items you have experienced on your fingers. I can turn to the side to give you privacy so I don't know which specific items you have experienced. Again, your answer for these questions should be a number, not "yes" or "no" for individual items or a list of the specific items. Do you understand? Proceed to the next question if the respondent says she understands. If the respondent says she does not understand, re-explain the list question instructions and then proceed to the example food question.

[] Yes
[] No