PAA 2021 PMA Calendar Data Side Event

On May 4th, 2021 at 10am EDT, PMA and IPUMS PMA hosted a Population Association of America 2021 virtual data workshop.

How can the contraceptive calendar and longitudinal data be used differently from cross-sectional data? Join IPUMS and Performance Monitoring for Action as we provide a framework for using contraceptive calendar data. You will learn the basics of analyzing the contraceptive calendar, such as converting data format from wide to long, transforming string variables, and basic analysis of contraceptive discontinuation, with breakout sessions for both R and Stata.

We are providing the Stata and R code that we used in the workshop. You'll need to register an account with IPUMS PMA to download a data extract to use the code.

R users: make sure that you install R and RStudio. Then run install.packages(c("tidyverse", "ipumsr", "survival", "ggfortify")) to install the packages we'll be using in the breakout session!

For help with reading IPUMS data extracts into R or Stata, see our video tutorials here.

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Data Workshop Recordings

  • Powerpoint slides
  • Main workshop presentation
  • R breakout session
  • Stata breakout session