GIS Boundary files for PMA data

IPUMS PMA provides boundary files (shapefiles) that facilitate subnational mapping. The shapefiles correspond to the specific geographic variables in the IPUMS PMA microdata. The attribute table includes codes for the COUNTRYNUM (country ISO code) variable and the corresponding country-specific code that the GIS boundaries match (e.g. GEOET for Ethiopia regions).

Users should note that, shapefiles distributed by IPUMS PMA provide generalized boundaries and are not intended for precise geographical calculations.

IPUMS PMA provides a World map (60Mb) with national boundaries that match Large Scale International Boundaries (LSIB). LSIB is in the WGS84 datum, and boundaries reflect U.S. government (USG) policy and not necessarily de facto control. The attribute table in the world map lists the ISO country code for the PMA countries (COUNTRYNUM). Each national map listed in the table below nests within the world map.

PMA also provides a single global shapefile corresponding to the variable SUBNATIONAL, which combines all countries in the IPUMS PMA database. Download the global boundary file HERE.

The table below lists IPUMS PMA countries, the major unit(s) of geography identified in the samples and the corresponding shapefile.

Click here for information about displaced GPS data of the primary sampling units.

Country Geographic variable Geographic unit(s)/years Shapefiles
Burkina Faso GEOBF Region (2014-2021) geobf IMG
Cote d'Ivoire GEOCI Region (2017-2020) geoci IMG
Democratic Republic of the Congo GEOCD Selected provinces (2013-2020) Not available
Ethiopia GEOET Region (2014-2020) geoet IMG
Ghana GEOGH Region (2013-2017) geogh IMG
India DISTRICTIN Districts; State of Rajasthan (2016-2020) districtin IMG
Indonesia GEOID Province (2015-2016) geoid IMG
Indonesia DISTRICTID District (2015-2016) districtid IMG
Indonesia BLOCKID Census block group (2015-2016) Not available
Kenya GEOKE Selected Counties (2014-2020) geoke IMG
Niger GEONE Selected counties (2015-2020) geone IMG
Nigeria GEONGZONE Geographic zone (2016-2017) geongzone IMG
Nigeria GEONG Selected states (2014-2020) geong IMG
Uganda GEOUGGEN Region (2014-2018) geouggen IMG
Uganda GEOUGDET DHS defined regions (2014-2019) geougdet IMG
Uganda GEOUG Regions (2020) geoug IMG
Uganda GEOUGSH Spatially harmonized regions (2014-2020) geougsh IMG

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GPS Data for PMA

PMA disseminates the displaced GPS data points of the geographic centroid of the primary sampling units (EAs) for select countries and survey rounds. The table below lists the countries and rounds for which the GPS points are available. Each row represents one GPS data file, and the corresponding survey rounds with which it can be matched. PMA periodically samples a new set of EAs and surveys households in the same EAs for several rounds.

IPUMS PMA does not disseminate these data, users must apply for access at PMA's website.

Country Years with GPS available Rounds with GPS available
Burkina Faso 2017, 2018 Rounds 5 and 6
2019 Baseline survey
Cote d'Ivoire 2017, 2018, 2020 Rounds 1 and 2; Round 2 follow-up survey (2020)
2020 Baseline (Phase 1) of panel survey
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2013-2018 Rounds 1-7
Ethiopia 2017, 2018, 2020 Rounds 5 and 6; Round 6 follow-up survey (2020)
2019 Cross-sectional family planning survey; Maternal and Newborn Health panel
India 2016, 2017, 2018 Rounds 1-4
2020 Baseline (Phase 1) of panel survey
Kenya 2016, 2017, 2018 Rounds 5, 6, and 7
2019 Baseline (Phase 1) of panel survey
Niger 2018 Round 5
2020 Baseline (Phase 1) of panel survey
Uganda 2017, 2018, 2019 5, 6, and 6 follow-up
2020 Baseline (Phase 1) of panel survey

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